Welcome to the Homeschool High School Photo Club’s website.  This is a photo club that will meet twice a month for homeschooled high school students in Prince William Co, VA.  The clubs mission is to let the kids grow creatively.  Each month a theme will be introduced, they can embrace that theme any way they see fit through a camera lens.  At the second meeting, the students can submit up to three photos that will be presented in 8x10 matted format.  That meeting will also be a peer critique.  Peer crits are designed to help you grow in your photography experience.  All photos may be manipulated using a computer program of your choosing.  Photo club will have its first meeting the first Thursday in July.  Our opening meeting will be at the Ramsey house, but please don’t forget your camera!  We will have an opportunity to use local places inside and out to work within our theme.  In the future, I would like to make first meetings out and about, again working within our theme.  The length of the first meetings of the month will vary, depending on location.  The second meeting, the critique, I would like to keep to 2 hours, from 2-4 o’clock.  Made with Xara “There are no rules for good photographs, only good photographs.”  Ansel Adams